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Tribulation Force - Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins

I enjoyed this one as much as i did the first one, i think. These are making me want to learn more about what's actually going to happen.

They can occasionally be cheesy, but overall, i think the characters are well developed. The Antichrist is still creepy. I'm kind of afraid he'll lose that once he drops the mask, but we'll see.

I like how when a big event is coming up, the sections that the chapter is divided up into (switching between characters) are smaller. To me, it brings to mind a TV show or movie where images flash on the screen that carry important information and they're slowly brought together to reveal the conclusion that the audience has been waiting for. I don't know if that makes sense in writing. Haha. To me, it slows things down and increases the suspense, but not in an annoying way.

It annoyed me that they kept saying that the president gaveAir Force One to the Antichrist. It isn't Air Force One unless the president of the United States is on it. This particular plane was built to be used as Air Force One, but i don't think the president ever flew in it, so it was never actually Air Force One. I know they probably just called it that so that readers wouldn't miss that it was the US president's plane, but still...

I was "bemused" by a sentence saying that a couple of guys had "bemused, knowing looks". How does one look bemused and knowing at the same time? I don't understand. If you can see it, please let me know.


*Review written on May 16, 2014.*