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The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

I liked this one enough, but it's not one that i want to buy and read again and again.


One thing i thought was odd was that Rick usually used the Greek names for the gods/demigods/etc. but the name Hercules was used at least 4 times throughout the book. Hercules is the Roman equivalent of Heracles (named after Hera). He might have done this with a few other names i'm unfamiliar with, but that's the only one i caught.


Also, you can tell me Annabeth's smart as much as you want to, but i won't believe you. It took way too long for her to figure out who Percy's dad was.


I did enjoy reading about Greek mythology, though, and i like the concept. I can see why these books were so popular in the 5th-grade class i worked in.


*Reviewed on May 30, 2014.*