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Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine

I really enjoy reading this book. It is magical and silly and also touching. It's definitely a unique take on Cinderella.

(There are a couple of movie spoilers in this next paragraph. The last one's safe, though.)


Regarding the movie, I can definitely understand the disappointment of fans who saw it, expecting it to be similar to the book. However, I really like the movie as well. I actually think I like both stories equally. I mean, it's annoying that they just took the names from the book and changed everything else, but the moments when Ella is forced to end her friendship with Areida and when she breaks the curse are just so powerful... Maybe Anne Hathaway is the savior of the movie for me. Anyway, I just think the book and the movie have the same feel to them even though the plot lines are so different. I choose to think of them as two stories only related by their Cinderella inspiration.

I do feel like in both the movie and the book, I could often find ways around her orders... Or there were instances where she was forced to do ridiculous things because of the wording of the order, whereas "Let me see it." forced Ella to literally give the object to the speaker. The inconsistencies bothered me a bit.