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Sarah, Plain and Tall - Patricia MacLachlan

I re-read this for one of my classes. I read the whole book in the time I was supposed to read the first two chapters. Oops. ;)

It's a good book, i think, following two children as they get to know their potential new mother and hope she'll be happy enough at their home to stay. It's pretty simplified, since it's a book for children. There's no grief over the deceased wife/mother or fear that in accepting Sarah, they're betraying her. But it was sweet how quickly the children came to love Sarah and their constant underlying worry that she wouldn't like them/their father/the land enough to stay.

Question to ponder: You know, the concept of mail order brides seems so strange to a modern audience, but is it really that different from online dating?


(Review written on August 31, 2014.)