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Knights of the Round Table: Geraint - Gwen Rowley

The sex in this one came up much more quickly. I'm still not a fan of that. But i enjoyed the book. Geraint and Enid get married while still strangers and realize that neither one trusts the other. So, it's kind of cool that it's about a struggling marriage while neither one is really considering ending it.

One thing i thought was odd, though, is that while it seems to be quite feminist (Enid is a warrior woman), it still contains the ridiculous idea that when two people are consummating a marriage, the man should know what he's doing while the woman should be a virgin. Granted, part of Enid's duties as a warrior woman is training men in the "art of lovemaking"... So, they tried to be feminist about it... But still.


*Review written on May 6, 2013.*