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The Heir - Kiera Cass

First of all, this is my favorite of all the Selection covers. IT'S SO PRETTY.

So, just like with the first three books, I had heard that the protagonist was annoying, but I didn't think she was.

I did think it was weird that she kept saying "I am the most powerful person in the world." Like, what about your dad? The king? Remember him? Idk.

I can see how some readers might think her mistakes are annoying, but I kind of liked them. Like, she thinks she's following in her father's footsteps, but she doesn't realize how her people are going to interpret her actions. She's lacking an ability to empathize with others and she doesn't know it. That's a realistic flaw and one that I would enjoy seeing her overcome.

It was interesting to see where some of the characters from the original trilogy ended up. Although, I hated that America's sister died.

This selection seems much more like a game show to me than the first one did. Maybe that's because we're in the mind of the star of the show, where there's more acting going on, versus the minds of the competitors, who aren't used to being on camera.

As for whom she's going to end up with (because, come on, of course she's not going to follow through on her plan to remain single), I would bet it's either going to be Kile or Erik because Kile is one she's against from the start and Erik isn't supposed to be a contender (but he totally is). Granted, I'm writing this review after reading the fifth book. It's possible I wasn't quite so confident when I read this book.