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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  - J.K. Rowling

This one seemed more interesting to me than the others have been, i think. But i think that was mainly because i was expecting certain things that never happened. For example, i thought Draco's character would be developed some more.

Dumbledore's backstory was interesting and i liked meeting his brother. I don't think Snape's character was redeemed, as so many Harry Potter fans seem to believe. I like the moments that Harry has gotten to spend with his parents throughout the books, although, many of them are really weird if you think about them too hard.


Under a picture defending Snape, someone wrote a paragraph that's probably going to look monstrous here, but i agree with every word of it:



"You called 'the love of your life' various derogatory slurs and campaigned for the extermination of people like her with such intensity that she had to cut off your friendship because it had become so toxic for her. You were willing to sacrifice the lives of her husband and child to spare her life, showing that you didn't have any concern for her feelings or emotional wellbeing. You then proceeded bully her son, and many of your other students (to the point that one, Neville, is more afraid of you than the people who tortured his parents into madness), while working through your well-deserved feelings of guilt for having chosen the side that wanted 'the love of your life' and everyone like her violently murdered. Your 'love' was never love, but dangerous obsession, and it was entirely worthless and unhelpful to the person you claimed to love. Your attitude is not justified at all, and you remained the terrible person everyone knew you were from the very first book up until your death."


Also, Harry/Ron/Hermione wouldn't have hated Snape if he hadn't been such a jerk to them from the beginning. Who's the adult in this situation?