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A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

Books that require more thought while reading because of archaic language are at a bit of a disadvantage. They have to be more interesting than a more modern book in order to make me want to spend additional time and use additional brain cells on the book in question. Unfortunately, this one did not. Not until the end, at least.

I was bored most of the time and my mind wandered. I don't know if that's why it seemed choppy to me or if it's because the book itself is choppy. The plot might be interesting enough if i read it in a more modern tongue. I plan on reading the SparkNotes version for that reason.

I didn't really connect with any of the characters until a couple at the very end. Most of the time, individual characters didn't stand out to me and i didn't know who anyone was.

I could be persuaded to give this a chance at another time. Like The Lord of the Rings, i might enjoy it more if i took my time with it.

It reminded me a lot of The Count of Monte Cristo, especially at the beginning.


*Review written on August 10, 2014.*