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Knights of the Round Table: Gawain - Gwen Rowley

There's less sex in this one than the other two, which i found interesting. Just one scene described, if i recall correctly. I think i liked this one more as well (not really for that reason). It has a huge "Beauty And The Beast" element to it, but in King Arthur's court and with a woman turned into a crone instead of a man turned into a beast. In a way, she's like the enchantress in the beginning of the Disney movie.

While both parties where exceedingly beautiful, there was more depth to it. Probably the main reason i liked this one so much is that it's not about one character being a jerk while the other, flawless one, teaches him/her the error of his/her ways. Both main characters were likable and yet each grew throughout the story.

On another note, who chose the names Morgana and Morgause? I still can't separate the two.


*Review written on November 9, 2014.*