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Queenpin - Megan Abbott

2013: The ending completely ruined this book for me. I liked where it was heading, but she took the easy way out. In the end, the main character just seemed childish. She thought she was "all that", but what she did, anyone could have done. I guess i won't be keeping this one after all.


2016: (More detail, with spoilers) The main character's name is not given, which is supposed to help symbolize her becoming Gloria and taking her place. But it just doesn't work. Gloria doesn't send someone else to do her dirty work; if Gloria wants you dead, she'll plunge the knife into you herself. So, when it comes time for our protagonist to take Gloria's place, you'd expect it to be big and gutsy. Show her who's boss, right? How does she choose to do it? How does she choose to show us that she has surpassed her teacher, this cold-hearted killer? Hmm? She calls the cops. Rats her out. Does something even toddlers can be taught to do. Are you kidding me? It was such a let-down. And yet she was so proud of it, like she'd taken a real risk and relied on all of her training with Gloria. To dial three numbers. I was really disappointed, to say the least.

Re-reading this, though, I think it sounds kind of silly. Of course, it's better to call the police instead of killing someone, morally. Please don't kill anyone, readers. It just didn't work for this book. If the protagonist's goal was to become the "queenpin" that Gloria was, she failed miserably. Gloria would have killed herself... herself... which is exactly what she did. So, ultimately, no one replaced Gloria; she defeated them all. But, seriously, I'm saying this completely in the realm of fiction. Killing yourself is not the answer. Don't do it.