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The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot

Fat Louie is orange. Your whole life has been a lie.


I was hugely distracted trying to figure out how this Genovian monarchy works. Mia's father is apparently running the country, but he has plenty of time to spend bugging Mia in the US? Mia is heir to the throne despite being an illegitimate child? She wasn't considered heir to the throne until her father found out he couldn't have any more children to... replace his firstborn? I'm so confused.

Aside from that, overall, i did think it was cute. Mia complains a lot, but this is her diary and she does have a lot to complain about... She has grown enough by the end of the book, that i have hope she'll be more positive in the future... but i guess i'll see.

I wasn't okay with a few references she makes to sexual assault. She makes it out like it's okay to sexually assault someone if you're attractive. She might have learned her lesson a little by the end when Josh forcibly kisses her. However, there's still a guy who she knows feels people up and she kind of explains it like it's an annoyance, but not a big deal. I don't know. That didn't sit right with me.

It's very different from the movie. This is actually one of the few cases in which i would say the movie is better than the book. Even though the movie is a classic case of taking an already-beautiful girl with glasses and questionable hair, and helping her discover the miracles of contacts and hair straighteners, and suddenly all the boy moose go "whaaaaa!" I mean, all the boys like her.


*Review written on December 18, 2014.*