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Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) - Lauren Graham

Well, I'm finally getting around to reviewing this. I bought it for a friend for Christmas and decided to go ahead and read it before I gave it to her. XD

Generally, I'm not much interested in celebrities' biographies, but while I'm not looking to own a copy of Talking as Fast as I Can, I'm glad I read it. I might even read it again someday. Lauren Graham seems like a very genuine person, though I did wonder at times if she's really that much like Lorelai or if she was writing as Lorelai, in a way. Regardless, I enjoyed her little jokes and her commentary. (Side note: Do Lauren Graham and Lorelai Gilmore share initials on purpose or is that coincidence?)

It was interesting to learn more about what goes in to making a TV show in general and specifically, the behind-the-scenes info about Gilmore Girls. It helped explain a bit why the revival was so chaotic, I think. Most of the time, Graham was good about clarifying which character an actor played when she mentioned them, though there were a few times she didn't and, as I don't know the names of every single GG actor, I had to take a second to Google the name to know whom she was talking about.

I will add that I think the subtitle is misleading. It sounds like a memoir that covers from the start of Gilmore Girls through the revival, but she talks a lot about her childhood and her start in show business as well. It doesn't affect my rating, but it smells like clickbait, which is a bit frustrating.


However, all-in-all, it was a good read. :)