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"The Chemist" by Stephenie Meyer

The Chemist - Stephenie Meyer

So, the synopsis didn't really draw me in with this one, but I figured that since I've enjoyed everything else I've read by Stephenie Meyer, there was a good chance I'd enjoy this one too. I was right.

I've noticed that, while I usually don't put forth much of an effort toward imagining the settings in a book, I often have very clear images of settings from Meyer's books. I'm not sure why that is.

I particularly liked the attention to detail regarding the precautions Juliana takes to stay alive, though I can understand how some people would grow bored of that. And I loved Daniel, though I did think the romance was slightly unrealistic, particularly in the beginning when I'm sure Daniel would have had to overcome some psychological obstacles before he could think of Juliana in a romantic sense.

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I also thought that the dogs were sometimes unrealistic in their behavior and I noticed a couple of grammatical mistakes, but neither was too bad.


My last complaint is that there were elements of this story that reminded me a lot of her other books. Mostly, it was the female protagonist with two male "sidekicks". And the dynamic between the three reminded me a lot of The Host. Again, not a huge problem. Just a weakness I've noticed in her writing.

Even though most of what I've said in this review is negative, I did really enjoy this book, I promise. Haha.